With my busy schedule, it’s sometimes difficult to take Cooper to the groomer as often as I like. However, I have found a few ways to keep him looking his best in between grooming visits.

1. Cooper loves to take walks. After each walk, I wash his tummy, feet and eyes with lukewarm water in order to remove dirt and debris he picked up along the way.

2. I brush him from head to toe each day to keep his fur clean and free of tangles.

3. I apply baby powder to Cooper every day to keep him smelling fresh and clean.

4. I trim the fur around Cooper’s eyes on a regular basis so it won’t mat together.

5. I give Cooper a bath each week, and I brush his teeth.

Thanks to a regular grooming routine at home, Cooper maintains his “fresh from the groomer” appearance much longer. Let me know if these work for your beloved pet. Also, I would love to hear how you keep your pooch looking great between grooming appointments. Post your tips in the comments below!