Everyone knows a wedding should be all about the bride and groom, right? But isn’t it funny how everyone suddenly has thoughts and opinions on your big day within mere minutes of your engagement announcement? And it IS important to include some of those folks – your parents, his parents, maybe even grandparents – in the planning process so they will be a part of your special day.

Andrea Syrtash

Andrea Syrtash/
Photo by Jacqueline Dormer

To help you keep those close to you involved in your wedding plans without getting too involved, Skype and dating and relationships expert Andrea Syrtash partnered up to provide seven ways to be present in the seven most important relationships while you are busy planning for your future.


Each other, i.e. the bride & the groom: Commit to a regular “State of the Union” check-in so you can put aside the planning and make each other the priority. Make it daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes. The night before you marry, record a personal video message on Skype to express how excited you are about the wedding.

2. The bridal party: Save the stress of coordinating a get-together of family and friends who likely can’t be together at the same time. Use a Skype video call to bring them together for dress shopping, to review wedding logistics and to get to know each other. This will help your bridal party feel like they are part of a cohesive group from start to finish.

3. The parents: Show mom and dad how much you want their input by delegating various details (like invitations or the wine pairings). As a bonus, they’re less likely to nitpick about other details if they’re wrapped up in one.

4. The in- laws: Ask your in-laws about important customs or traditions you should incorporate into your wedding. Invite your mother-in-law to lunch before the big day.  If she can’t be with you in person, invite her to join the wedding dress fitting via Skype video from your smartphone.

5. The officiant: From pre-marital counseling to the vows and the fee (including travel and lodging), these are important things to consider as you choose your officiant. Once you do, he or she will touch base often to learn about your dating history, goals and values.

wedding relationships6. Vendors: Your wedding planner, florist, photographer and caterer are skilled professionals. Optimize these relationships by being clear about your expectations, and reinforcing their good work. Show your appreciation whenever possible, and they’ll work harder for you. Remember to tip!

7. Wedding guests: With Facebook or Instagram, you can create a wedding page and event hashtags, so guests can participate via posts and real-time updates throughout the day. Instead of a traditional guest book, invite your guests to record a special Skype video message at the check-in table. Create a special Skype wedding account, and share the login with your guests so they can also view and enjoy the video messages, as well.

Putting together a wedding is no small task, especially when you have to coordinate every aspect with an entire team of family, friends and wedding pros. However, following the tips above could go a long way in making the process a smooth one, leaving you to truly relax and enjoy your big day.