You’re getting married and combining homes, so the time has come to vacate your current residence. As you prepare to move, it occurs to you that you are entitled to your security deposit, preferably all of your security deposit. The best way to get your security deposit back in its entirety is by leaving behind a spotless apartment or rental home. Don’t think that any trouble spots belong to the next tenant.

Instead, stay focused on how you will benefit by making an extra effort to clean things up. And while you may think you’ve cleaned every inch, there are some spots you may overlook that you can bet the landlord won’t miss. Therefore, the cleaning experts at CLR® shared these easy tips and tricks to make sure you don’t miss any nook or cranny that needs a good cleaning.

Get Your Security Deposit Back | LoriAllen.tv1. Soap scum and calcium deposits leave a tub looking dirty and unkempt. Restore the tub to its original shine by wiping down those stains with a good bathroom cleaner.

2. Mold and mildew can be a renter’s and landlord’s worst nightmare. Use a mold and mildew stain remover to leave surfaces free of pesky mold and mildew.

3. Make sure you remove all signs of nail polish, spills or your child’s artwork from the walls before the final walkthrough.

4. Grease stains in ovens can leave a big ding in your security deposit. Use an oven cleaner to leave a perfectly clean appliance for the next tenant.

Get Your Security Deposit Back | LoriAllen.tv5. Visible stains easily call the attention of a landlord and instantly start decreasing the return on your security deposit. Remove surface stains on the front of cabinets, floors and even baseboards.

6. Wash your windows! Wash all windows inside and out to transform your windows to move-out ready condition.

7. Many renters forget about the outdoor space. Sweep off the patio, remove any dirt or stains, and clean away any spider webs.

8. Even if there have been hard water stains on the shower doors since you’ve moved in, it still may be your responsibility to take care of that murky glass. Use a bathroom cleaner to remove any water spots and restore the shine to both the glass and metal framing.

Get Your Security Deposit Back | LoriAllen.tv9. Have an in-unit washing machine? If you’ve noticed a faint mildew smell, then your landlord might, too, and that can be a big red flag. Pour in a cup of CLR® and run a quick cycle for a smell-free solution to remove mildew and clean out the appliance.

10. If you have an in-sink garbage disposal, drop some citrus (use your favorite) peels into it and turn it on while the water is running. The rinds will sharpen the blades while the juice will freshen the disposal, erasing any unwanted smells.

Taking some extra steps to ensure your apartment or rental home is clean throughout is the No. 1 approach you can take to get your full security deposit back when moving out. It might not be fun, but it’ll be worth it when your landlord returns all of your money to you.