Do’s and Don’ts In Wedding Planning

It’s the season to get married! If you are a lucky bride, then your life is about to change as you are going to be sharing your life with the one man that you love. Your wedding will be the greatest moment of your life, but only if you can get through the overwhelming amount of stress in getting everything done.

Put the cellphone down, push the papers away and take a deep breath.

You can get through the whole wedding phase with your sanity intact while having the best celebration that you could possibly hope for or ever dream of. To make things a little easier, here is a quick list of the top to-do things that you will need to do to have a wedding that runs smoothly. You will also find a list of the top “to-don’t” things that you want to stay away from to avoid unnecessary headaches on your big day.

Wedding Planning To-Do List

Do Send Out Your Invitations Early

Invitation should be sent out at least 4 months before the wedding. You need to have an accurate guest count so that you know how large of a venue to reserve. Getting a small wedding hall that holds only 100 people and you are expected to get 200 makes the room cramp, you won’t have enough seating, and you may violate the fire code for the venue since they have a set capacity number of people who are allowed to be in the wedding hall. Also, you need an accurate headcount so that you order enough food for everyone.

Do Keep Tabs On All Your Vendors

This isn’t to say that you have to call them every day for the next two months to ensure that they bring the right food, flowers, and wedding cake. But you want to make sure everything is to your liking beforehand and that all your wedding arrangements — such as paying the vendors — is taken care of beforehand. It has happened where angry vendors stand outside the wedding or reception hall, ready to take home their wares unless the bridal couple paid them what was owed.

Wedding To-Don’t List

Don’t Leave Your Groom Out Of Making The Wedding Arrangements

He does have a place in this wedding as he will have a place at your side to love you for the rest of your life. His opinion does matter when you are making decisions on what food to get and where to have the wedding. Let him voice his opinions as you both have a wedding that everyone enjoys.

Don’t Make Yourself Destitute With Your Wedding Expenses

Before one invitation is sent out, you need to know what you can actually spend for your wedding. Are you and your spouse going to pay for the entire occasion, or will the parents help out? Set yourself a reasonable budget and stick with it without making too many overages. Maxing out your credit cards and putting yourself into huge debt will place unnecessary hardships on your married life that can cause stress and aggravation between you and your new spouse. More than one wedding has ended up in divorce proceedings or bankruptcy court due to overspending at the wedding.