With the holidays upon us, it’s time to pull out your boxes of decorations and add a festive touch to your home. From the front door to the dining table, and everything in between, celebrate the season with touches of class and whimsy. Not sure how to spruce up your space? Then read on for helpful tips to show your love for the season with great holiday décor.

First Impressions

Christmas wreathGreet visitors and passersby with your holiday spirit by decorating your front door. Of course, the traditional wreath always works, but don’t be afraid to take it a step further. For example, consider draping garland over the door–with a bow at the peak–to enhance the look of a wreath. Then highlight the door with a spotlight shining on it from the yard so everyone passing by, not just guests, can enjoy it.

For a unique take on wreaths, take three feathered wreaths (available at local crafts stores) and stack them vertically–secured with wire–to create a panel of wreaths. Want something untraditional? Try decorative containers with handles and flat backs. Perfect for front door decorations, fill them with greenery, and hang on your door with either a magnetic hook or plastic suction cup.

Family and traditions

Christmas nativityAnother standard decorating spot, the fireplace mantle offers homeowners a great place to display favorite family heirlooms and collectibles. Everyone has collections of decorative items related to the holidays that you either have collected or inherited. Clear all everyday items from the mantel, then place your collection on the mantel, grouping varying heights together. Add a few sprigs of evergreen to complete the mantel.

This is also a great time to share treasured family holiday photos. Put together a display of photos of all family members when they were children celebrating Christmas, an especially fun treat for young children who like seeing mom and dad at their age.

Dining in elegance

Holidays always bring families together at the dining table, so don’t short-change this prized locale. Instead of the normal floral centerpiece, try using Christmas truckelements such as urns or decorative bowls filled with glass ornaments. Then intertwine glass garland around the centerpiece and along a table runner. Also, scatter additional ornaments down the runner.

Along similar lines, use clear glass cylinders filled with pears and apples or cranberries and votive candles. Use two or three of different height to add color and texture to the table. Another fun idea is grouping together children’s toys, such as an antique fire truck and car, and adding sprigs of holly for a low-cost, simple centerpiece.

As you can see, decorating for the holidays need not be stressful, time-consuming or expensive. Just take the time to inventory what you have at hand, add a few key pieces and you’re ready to create!