Travel takes a toll on skin, from dry airplane air to sun exposure to chafing winds. To combat this and maintain healthy skin on the road, keep these six items in your travel bag at all times so you can help reverse the damage to your skin while traveling.

1. Moisturizer
Applying a moisturizer every day boosts hydration, prevents dry, flaky skin and creates a protective layer of moisture. This is especially helpful when flying. Apply it first thing in the morning and again at night before bed for maximum effect.

healthy skin on the road2. Sunscreen
Using sunscreen each day – even on cloudy days – helps protect skin from harmful UV rays, can help prevent premature aging, reduces the possibility of sunburn and lowers skin cancer risks. Many women use moisturizers or makeup that contain sunscreen; however, this is not enough. Sunscreen should be reapplied often throughout the day, especially if you spend more time outdoors. Therefore, have sunscreen handy so you can reapply several times during the day.

3. Facial wipes
Sometimes travel affords little opportunity to wash or even freshen up your face. Therefore, carry individually wrapped facial wipes in your carry-on, purse or briefcase. When you are stuck on a long, overnight flight or taking a road trip, you can easily wash your face, leaving it clean and refreshed.

4. Night cream
Even if you use the above-mentioned products regularly, your skin still requires an extra dose of protection. Using night cream boosts the collagen in your skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines on your face, and helps increase blood circulation.

5. Body lotion
Just as your face needs moisturizer to stay hydrated, so, too, does the skin on your body. Always apply body lotion in the morning after you shower and again at night before bed.

healthy skin on the road6. Water
It’s no secret that water is nature’s best beauty and health aid, and its benefits for your skin are no different. Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin hydrated and rids the skin of toxins, resulting in healthier skin.

For those who travel often, what is your favorite skincare item to keep your skin healthy on the road? Tell us in the comments.